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Ellenborough 2016/17 Closed Tournament Results

This year the Club’s championships were held over a 5 days commencing with the junior events on Sunday 7th May.  Eight of the events were played to conclusion on the day and it was intended that the remaining seven finals would be played on Friday 12th.   However Semi Idowu who was a finalist in 3 of the events was unable to play on that day as he was away playing in another tournament. We then settled on playing the finals on Friday 26th May after checking that all finalists were available to play on that day. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and sadly Terry Bateman who also figured in 3 of the finals was taken ill whilst on holiday in Cyprus so he was unable to play. It was decided that we could not once again re-schedule the finals night so last Friday we went ahead with the 4 that remained. Although there were fewer matches than originally planned the quality of the table tennis was excellent and those watching were treated to some great matches.

First up was the cadet singles which was won by Victor Ostapenko who very narrowly beat Camron Malcolm. You can see from the scores that this was an absolute nail biter 10-12,9-11,11-9,16-14,14-12.

This was then followed by the Vets Singles (over 40). Again, this was a terrific match with some amazing rallies but in the end Andrei Lapo beat Weiguang Hu in a 5 game match 11-8, 9-11, 2-11, 11-6, 11-4.

We then had a very entertaining Mixed Doubles final which was won by Gill Toumbas and Peter Brown against Soodabeth Yazdani and Abdul Olagboyega  11-5, 11-6, 11-6

The last final of the evening saw Andrei returning to the table to do battle with Semi. There was some great shots in this match but Andrei managed to stay on top and beat Semi in 3 exciting games 11-7, 11-8, 12-10.

When Terry is back to full health we will find a date when the still outstanding finals can be played.


Event Winner Runner Up
 Junior Boys Singles  Camron Malcolm  Omari Simmons-Duberry
 Cadet Open Singles  Victor Ostapenko  Camron Malcolm
 Junior Open Doubles  Richard Huang &
 Victor Ostapenko
 Omari Simmons-Duberry  & Camron Malcolm
 Open Singles  Andrei Lapo  Semi Idowu
 Open Doubles  To Be played at a later date
 Drawn Doubles  Iain Francis &  Terry Wilson  Ritesh Shah & Peter Bayman
 Ladies Singles  Gill Toumbas  Faith Frankel
 Ladies Doubles  Gill Toumbas &
 Joan Bayman
 Faith Frankel &
 Soodabeth Yazdani
 Mixed Doubles  Gill Toumbas &
 Peter Brown
 Abdul Olagboyega &
 Soodabeth Yazdani
 Vets Singles (over 40)  Andrei Lapo  Weiguang Hu
 Vets Doubles  To Be played at a later date
 Vets Singles (over 60 )  To Be played at a later date
 Minor Singles  Trevor Mansell  Ron Smith
 Middle Singles  Peter Bayman  Ron Smith
 Intermediate singles  Iain Francis  Peter Bayman

Photos Taken on Finals Night.

Camron Malcolm & Victor Ostapenko

Semi Idowu & Andrei Lapo

Harold Webb & Camron Malcolm

Harold & Victor Ostapenko

Harold & Weiguang Hu

Andrei Lapo & Harold

Peter Brown, Harold & Gill Toumbas

Harold & Semi Idowu

Andrei & Semi

Harold & Trevor Mansell


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