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Day Times Coaching Session Cost Info
MONDAY 17:00 - 19:30 SQUAD JUNIORS £30/month for 1 day per week, or £50/month for 2 days per week
TUESDAY 16:00 - 17:00 UNDER 11's Pay as you go, £4 for members, £8 for non-members.
TUESDAY 17:00 - 19:30 ELITE JUNIORS £80/month for 2 days/week, or £110/month for 3 days/week
WEDNESDAY 17:00 - 19:30 SQUAD JUNIORS £30/month for 1 day per week, or £50/month for 2 days per week
THURSDAY 16:00 - 17:00 UNDER 11's Pay as you go, £4 for members, £8 for non-members.
THURSDAY 17:00 - 19:30 ELITE JUNIORS £80/month for 2 days/week, or £110/month for 3 days/week
FRIDAY 17:00 - 19:30 ELITE JUNIORS £80/month for 2 days/week, or £110/month for 3 days/week
SATURDAY 10:00 - 11:30 OPEN JUNIORS Pay as you go, £1 for members, £5 for non-members
SATURDAY 12:00 - 14:00 OPEN JUNIOR LADDER Pay as you go, £1 for members, £5 for non-members
SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:30 OPEN JUNIORS Pay as you go, £1 for members, £5 for non-members

Updted 26/04/2021

Covid 19 : The last 10 minutes of each session, the Juniors are required to clean their Tables & Chairs, and then leave Promptly.


FIRST Beginner/Intermediate Coaching session is a free trial. EMAIL QUERIES TO: coaching.ettc@gmail.com
Please check the online Club Calendar for any changes to this schedule.
Ask one of our coaches if you would like advice about which sessions are suitable

At the weekends we have OPEN sessions that ALL juniors can attend. The OPEN sessions are available to both members and non-members, with members getting a discount. We try to open as many weekends as possible however as we are a Premier Club, sometimes the hall is used for tournaments, competitions or sometimes Table Tennis England events which means that the hall is not available for junior coaching.

For Covid compliance and best practice reasons we have a Coaching Portal through which parents can book their children onto the weekend OPEN sessions. The morning sessions are designed for beginners and intermediate players. We do a warm up, some age and ability specific coaching together with multi-ball practice, and then we organise some games. The afternoon is designed more for those who already know how to play and who just want to compete against other juniors. The Saturday afternoon is organised as a ladder type structure so that we can group juniors of similar ability. The Sunday afternoon is designed to be more like a tournament. In order to make a booking, please use your Coaching Portal web-link, or contact coaching.ettc@gmail.com so that we can provide you with your own personalised web-link to the Coaching Portal.

The weekday sessions are generally CLOSED which means juniors need to be invited to attend, and they need to be members. This is done so that we can make sure that all juniors who attend, get the best from the CLOSED sessions. There are 3 CLOSED sessions, each designed to help juniors in an age specific, and ability specific way. These are the "Under 11", "Squad" and "Elite" coaching groups.

  • U11 : Intended for Age 7-11 years old, ranging from complete beginners to those just starting to play table tennis.
  • Squad : Juniors who have learnt the basic table tennis strokes, who have demonstrated the sports behaviours that we expect of all our juniors and who are wanting to progress their skills with the aim of competing in local competitions and joining our Elite Juniors.
  • Elite : The Elite Juniors are our top juniors, wishing to build their sports fitness and progress their table tennis skills to compete both locally and in national competitions such as National Cadet League (NCL), National Junior League (NJL) and Junior British League (JBL).
Team competitions, such as NCL, NJL, and JBL, are organised to give juniors the opportunity to compete against players of a similar standard from other clubs in the region. Matches are played all day on particular Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. The club also aims to have teams in the Junior British League, which is a nation-wide competition for more advanced junior players. Further details are available from the coaching staff.

We are planning to resume adult coaching in the near future. Until then Gordon will be stewarding on Wednesday mornings and is happy to knock with anyone. Email coaching.ettc@gmail.com  to enquire to make a booking.

The club is used for local and national events, out-of-school training camps and inter-school competitions.

The club enters teams to suit all abilities in the North Middlesex Table Tennis League as well as the Cheshunt  & District and Shaw Table Tennis Leagues.

Club members compete in National team competitions representing Ellenborough or one of the Leagues they play in, the National Competitions organised by Table Tennis England are listed below - 

- Veterans British League (Men & Woman)
- Senior British League (Men & Women)
- Junior British League (Boys & Girls)
- Wilmott Cup (Men)
- JM Rose Bowl (Ladies)
- Carter Cup (Junior Boys)
- Bromfield Trophy (Junior Girls)

Ellenborough organises National Junior League and National Cadet League on behalf of Table Tennis England and is one of only 16 venues around the country. The aim of NJL and NCL is to provide local competitive matches for juniors particularly for those who find playing in local evening leagues unsuitable. It also enables juniors to gain ranking points and establish themselves on the Table Tennis England ranking lists and is therefore an important step in the player pathway for the development of juniors in table tennis.

For many years the Ellenborough Table Tennis Club has had a reputation in having a highly well organised coaching programme for all ages and abilities. All our coaches are qualified and Table Tennis England approved.

As a beginner, whether you’re an adult or child, you need to master the basic techniques and strategies of the game which will make table tennis a lot more enjoyable. Laying a good foundation is important and will continue to support your game as you progress and improve. Group sessions provide opportunities to further develop these basics. Individual lessons allow you to develop an in-depth understanding of what you need to do to move past beginner status.

We participate in all the major UK tournaments where the Lead Coaches travel with the children to be on hand to offer advice and guidance during the matches.



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