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Bringing Coaching Back Under The Ellenborough Banner

Dear Members,

In 2018, after decades of service, the club coaching baton was handed over from Nick, and Terry, to Sandy and Gordon. We have some important news. This email aims to let you know about two changes to coaching at Ellenborough that will be taking place over the next couple of months.

There are no changes planned for the existing members sessions in the mornings and evenings. The main impacts will be on use of the venue in the afternoon and junior coaching sessions between 4pm and 7-30pm.

The first of these changes relates to Urban. Urban were contracted to provide a range of coaching services for Ellenborough. Their contract was cancelled in February 2018, with an expectation that it would be renewed. After much consideration we have decided that we will not be renewing their contract and have informed Urban that from September onward, they will no longer be running group sessions at Ellenborough.

We are intending to resource, and add to these sessions, with support from club coaches, volunteers and the help of alternative coaches. We have had informal chats with several experienced coaches but can now formally and openly speak to those coaches about providing coaching to elite junior players. We aim to complete the selection process by late July/early August. We hope to be able to continue to provide a full player development pathway, and with the help of external funding, at a more affordable cost to parents.

The second change is that we are introducing a scheme called Authorised Ellenborough Coaches (AEC). This is aimed at increasing the range and availability of one to one coaching at all age levels from juniors to over 50's. We have had several requests, and a petition from a large section of our membership, to increase the range and number of coaches who are able to provide coaching at our venue. This will hopefully take advantage of the times of the day when the club is not fully utilised.

Sandy and I will be approaching several coaches in the near future to apply for AEC status.

If you have any questions, please do talk to us, or contact us at email address coaching.ettc@gmail.com

Sandy and Gordon


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