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NMTTL Mid Season League Report 2019/20

League Round Up

Premier Division:
With the inclusion of Laikram Persaud in late September Heathcote 1 became favourites to win the Premier Division. As things stand they are unbeaten with 54 points from 7 matches. Ellenborough 1 are in second place on 40 points.

Mayfield 1 v Heathcote 2 (24 Sept): In the very first week of the new season Mayfield 1 introduced the newcomers to the Premier division, Heathcote 2 to life at the top. Heathcote 2 produced a team effort to overcome their opponents and secure an important 5-4 win. Heathcote’s Daniel Howard is a fine addition to the division with a currant playing average of 94%. He won all his sets with Steve Codrington and Richard Bond winning the important other two sets. Jonathan Proffitt won two for Mayfield 1, backed up by Mark Hanrahan and Paul Buey with one each.

Ellenborough 1 v Bounds Green 1 (26 Sept): Playing with possibly their strongest team Ellenborough 1 had a convincing 8-1 victory over Bounds Green 1. Semi and Bruce had maximums. Kwai winning two, came up against the improving Ben Link who won 3 straight. 

Bounds Green 1 v Ellenborough 2 (Sept 30): Bounds Green 1 are having a good season with Ben Link coming back into the team to help them to a 5-4 victory against Ellenborough 2. Ben was ‘unplayable’ winning all his sets. It was Mido Mohamed with wins against the tricky left hander Dawud Khan and Michael Miller that gave the away team something out of this match

Mayfield 1 v Ellenborough 2 (8 Oct): A very hard fought match produced some thrilling table tennis. Martin Wells playing his first match of the season won against Amin and Mido, but lost in four games to Klodian. Mark Hanrahan also won two of his sets against Amin and Mido, but he had to do it the hard way is 5 games. It was with Paul Buey that Ellenborough 2 had some success. Paul fought hard against Klodian to lose 11-4, 5-11, 11-5, 5-11, 7-11. It was a similar outcome against Amin with Paul losing in 5 games. Against Mido it was another close outcome with Mido winning in 4. The POM went to Klodian for his 3 wins to give Ellenborough 2 a fine 5-4 victory.

Ellenborough 3 v Mayfield 2 (14 Oct): A solid performance by Mayfield 2 with all of their players, Richard, Gary and Simon winning two sets each to win 6-3. Ellenborough 3 were without two of their regular players and had to play up Alan Pearse from team 4 and Jun Yang from team 6. It was Ian Francis playing in the Premier after an extended break who did some damage for the home team. He won two sets, but found some resistance from the clever play of Gary List who won in 5 games. However, Alan Pearse, who is a very experienced campaigner beat Gary in 4 games to make the score look respectable for the home team

Mayfield 2 v Heathcote 2 (23 Oct):  An allround team performance from the home team gave them victory by 5-4. With 1 win for Simon and 2 each for Mitesh and Paras they just edged it. Daniel won all three to maintain his excellent win-rate for Heathcote 2. However, Daniel was taken all the way by Paras, but held on to win 12-10, 6-11, 11-7, 3-11, 11-8.

Ellenborough 1 v Heathcote 1 (28 Nov): on this occasion both teams were fielding a player from a lower team. For Heathcote 1, Daniel Howard playing up, he won two sets. For Ellenborough 1 Ian Francis was also playing up, he managed to win one. In their recent head-to-head results Daniel was ahead of Ian, with all their sets going to the 5th game. This was the case again in this match. Despite Ian’s come-back attempt, Daniel just came out on top winning 11-3, 11-6, 9-11, 12-14, and 11-6.  The home team fielded a new player to the league in the form of Kin Wa Chan who won a maximum. With the team Ellenborough 1 had out, one would have been forgiven for thinking they would win the match comfortably. However, it turned out to be a 5-4 win for Heathcote 1, due largely to Semi Idowu surprisingly not winning any of his sets. Despite this Mike Wood needs to be congratulated for his win over Semi and Ian. Jewels Uddin was the other Heathcote player who also won against Semi.

Mayfield 1 v Heathcote 1 (29 Oct):  With two wins for Jonathan Proffitt over Mike Wood and Laikram Persaud that was as good as it was going to get for Mayfield 1. The opposition were too strong on the night recording a 7-2 victory.

Division 2:
Top team Ellenborough 4 are a long way clear of 2nd placed team Winchmore Hill 1. Ell4 have a big squad of players with a good mix of experience and youth. The competition is hotting up for the runners up spot with potentially 4 teams in the shake up: Winchmore Hill 1 recovered from a poor start to finish the half strongly. Mayfield 3 and Ellenborough 5 are third and fourth respectively with dark horses Suburb 1 in 5th place.

Mayfield 3 v Tottenham 2 (25 Sep): this early season pipe opener produced a hard fought match that ended with Tottenham 2 winning 5-4. There were 4 key sets that went to the fifth game – Tottenham 3 came out on top to win three of these sets, two from Tobias Svensson and one from Jacob Barron. However, it was Dave Middleton who struck a blow for Mayfield 3 to beat Tobias in the fifth game. Dave also had a win over Derek Yong. They say that momentum is a key factor in table tennis. With Jacob’s win over Alan Lamprell, the momentum shifted in the third game in his favour: 12-14, 8-11, 11-7, 13-11, and 14-12.

Bounds Green 2 v Winchmore Hill 2 (4 Oct): this was another close fought match with the Winchmore Hill boys of Allamdeep, Kam and Liv coming out on top to win by 5-4. Bounds Green 2 came close to winning this match. Two of the sets went to the fifth game with Kam Wahab producing some determined defensive match play to hold off Dan Shoop and Johnny Faldo and give his side victory.

Winchmore Hill 1 v Tottenham 1 (15 Oct): David Wright took the POM award for his three wins. He was supported by Fred Burdett’s two wins over Leon Karyofyllis and Robin Smythe. Against Grace Stair, Fred met an opponent who has a skill of returning the ball with consistency. Grace hung on to win 11-8, 10-12, 7-11, 11-5 and 12-10. Mike Lynch won one for WH1 for his win against Grace to give his team a 6-3 victory.

Tottenham 2 v Ellenborough 4 (17 Oct): Ellenborough 4 have a good squad of players to select a team from which is good news for the League. On this occasion Alan Pearse was playing. He is a vastly experienced campaigner and duly won his two sets against Tobias and Jacob. However, when he played Lewis Devonish he was two games up before the momentum turned in Lewis’s favour who won 7-11, 9-11, 12-10, 11-8 and 11-7. New Ellenborough player Fabio Nascimento performed well with wins over Jacob and Lewis, but could not beat the defensive Tobias who won a close set 11-6, 10-12, 13-11 and 15-13. June Nelson done her hit with a win over Lewis to give her team a 5-4 victory.

Bounds Green 2 v Mayfield 4 (25 Oct):  Ben Payne was the POM in this fixture winning a max to give Mayfield 4 a much needed 5-4 win. Gavrielides contributed with two wins for Mayfield 4 over Martin Jones and Johnny Faldo with both sets going to the fifth game. Ian Herriott is a very consistent player, he won two sets against Gavrielides, and Tony Botelho who was playing up.

Mayfield 4 v Winchmore Hill 1 (11 Nov): Winchmore Hill 1 are a very experienced team who were up to the job on this occasion winning 7-2 against Mayfield 4, who are having a struggle lower down the league table. David Wright and Mike Lynch both won all their sets, but Fred Burdett lost to Gavrielides and Tony Woo in five games.

Ellenborough 4 v Mayfield 3 (13 Nov): this match has all the hallmarks of being a classic confrontation with the defensive skills of Alan Lamprell, the guile of Jack Bender supported by the up and coming Adrian Pini. They were up against Alan Pearse and the more youthful Fabio Nascimento and Kimberley Hayes. Fabio’s hitting game got him through Adrian and Jack and just got home in five against Alan Lamprell. Alan Pearse won in straight games against Adrian. Kimberley played really well against Alan Lamprell and Adrian with both sets going to five games, but couldn’t get her side the win they needed. Mayfield 3 ran out winners by 5-4 and so bringing about Ellenborough 4’s first defeat of the season.

Suburb 1 v Winchmore Hill 2 (13 Nov): This match saw a rare outing for Richard Grethe playing for Suburb 1. He won his sets comfortably, although he was pushed by Kam Wahab to the fifth game, winning 13-11 in the 5th. David Grunberg is a player of ability who is extremely difficult to beat. He is basically a defender who can hit when he needs to. He also won all his sets, but found resistance in another defender Kam Wahab. David was pushed all the way (no intended pun) to the 5th game before he could claim victory.  Vassilis Chamalidis won the other set for the home team with another set that went all the way with Kam.  Lag Antoniades and Allamdeep Bhangoo won the two sets for WH2 with wins over Vassilis to make the final score 7-2 to Suburb 1.

Tottenham 1 v Ellenborough 5 (14 Nov): Abdul Olagboyega is a player who has improved his game. He won all of his sets in this encounter, supported by Steve Cross who also won his three sets together with David He who won against Grace Stair producing a 7-2 victory for Ell5. Robin and Emenike won a set each against David. For Tottenham 1 to have a chance of surviving in this division Emenike and Grace will need to up their win-rate to match Robin’s.

Suburb 1 v Ellenborough 5 (27 Nov): Richard Grethe not surprisingly picked up the POM award for a maximum of wins. It was good to see his son Leo showing much promise with wins over two very experienced players who know their way around a table tennis table in Peter Bayman and David He. Richard Armes gave a typically solid performance by gaining wins over Peter and David, but it was Thanos Morphitis who gave the away team something to warm their hands with wins over Leo and Richard Armes to leave the final score 7-2 to Suburb 1, which has lifted them up the table into 5th position in the table.

Division 3:
Four teams look to be fighting it out at the top of division 3. It could be a case of any two from four finishing in the top two spots. Bounds Green 3 look to be a team that has the potential to cause a few upsets in the second half of the season.

Winchmore Hill 3 v Bounds Green 3 (30 Sept):  Five of the sets went all the way to the 5th game, with the result being 6-3 win for Bounds Green 3. So this was a hard fought match, which is not surprising when you look at the two teams – they are quite well matched. Maybe with BG3 having Alan Lipton’s experience, they had the edge - he won a maximum with Chandresh and Michael Charvonia also getting wins. All of John Lynch’s sets went to the 5th game. He won one against Michael, but lost to Chandresh and Alan. Colin Bateman was in his usual consistent form to gain a further two points for the Hill.

Ellenborough 6 v SPS 1 (2 Oct): Soodabeh Yazdani was in fine form to complete a maximum of wins in this match.  When she played Jackie Turner (playing up) it was an excellent set which went to the fifth with Soodabeh winning 13-11, 7-11, 11-5, 12-14 and 13-11. However, SPS1 fought back to win the match 5-4 with 2 wins for Paul Cooper and Jonathan Barron over Gosia Kopec and Kyle Kam. Jackie lost to the improving Kyle Kam, but won against Gosia.

Southgate Compton 1 v Mayfield 5 (3 Oct): The home team were without Ian Webb, which allowed their opponents to take advantage. However, SC1 put up a good fight with 4 of the 9 sets going to the fifth game. The responsibility fell on Peter Radwell to try and gain a maximum. In his set against Dinesh Chouhan was up against a player of good attacking ability. Peter was 2-1 up but Dinesh fought back to win in the 5th. The pattern was the same against Chris Callan with Peter going 2-0 up before the set swung towards Chris with him again winning in the 5th game. Peter managed to get his win against Ross McCleary, but had to work very hard again to win in the 5th. Chris Callan is in very good form this season – he won a maximum. Martin Kole defeated Dinesh to give the home team another point to make the score 7-2 to Mayfield 6.

Potters Bar 1 v Ellenborough 6 (25 Oct): the away team have a young man playing for them named Jackson McFarland. His game is developing well and I would think he will soon be winning more games than he loses in division 3. He is basically an all-out attacking player who would prefer to play an open game. In this match he was up against Paul Glyde who won the set in the 5th game. The outcome was the same against Reg Cheek. Jackson also lost against Andrew Boast in three games. It will be interesting to see how he gets on in the second half of the season. Colin Miller and Jun Yang won two sets each with Potters Bar 1 winning the match 5-4.

Ellenborough 6 v Tottenham 3 (16 Oct): the away team took a hammering against an Ellenborough 6 team who were up for it on the night. Tottenham 3 had Mansoor Khan playing up from division 4. He did really well to beat Jun Yang in three games. That was the only success for Tottenham 3 on the night as Jun Yang with 2 wins, Jackson McFarland 3 and Soodabeth Yazdani 3 gave Ellenborough 6 a well-earned 8-1 victory!

Southgate Compton 1 v Potters Bar 1 (17 Oct): SC1 were in excellent form to defeat PB1 by the closest of margins 5-4. Two wins each for Ian Webb and Peter Radwell and one from John Jones got SC1 over the line. Colin Ford in a consistent player and he performed well to win a maximum for his team with Andrew Boast winning the other set. However, there was one set which probably decided the outcome in which John Jones took on Reg Cheek. Reg took the first game 11-5, then John came back to take the second 11-9. The match became very close from that point on. John took the 3rd game 13-11. Reg came back again to win the 4th 14-12.  John didn’t give up and took the fifth 12-10. What a great set in must have been to watch.

SPS 1 v Tottenham 3 (28 Oct): This Tottenham 3 team were formed very late when it became known that only 8 teams had entered division 3. Tottenham TTC then decided to try and recruit a team to play for division 3. There were very few takers, so John Fitzgerald, who was carrying a long term injury together with Jethro Denahy, who was keen on moving up a division, plus a new player Luke Worley, whose ability was not apparent at the time, became Tottenham 3.  In this match John F won a maximum, Jethro won two sets against Nigel Kingsley and Jonathan Barron; Luke played extremely well to win in 5 against Peter Winter. Nigel and Jonathan each won against Luke, with Peter beating Jethro. Score: 6-3 to Tottenham 3.

Mayfield 6 v Bounds Green 3 (14 Nov): this match could have been far worse for Mayfield 6 had Tony Botelho not beaten Alan Lipton and Aman Kanwar. Elyot Burnett, a new player for Mayfield 6 won a maximum, with Alan Lipton two and Aman Kanwar one to giving the visitors a 6-3 win. Judging by the scores M6 put up the good fight. It was a tough evening for the home team who had to succumb to a very good team.

Mayfield 5 v Mayfield 6 (28 Nov): the two Mayfield teams must have been looking forward to this encounter. Team 6 would be up against it with the in-form and much improved Chris Callan plus the consistent Ross McCleary and the tricky Dinesh Chouhan. For team 6 to have any chance of winning Tony Botelho needed to get a maximum, which he was well capable of doing. Tony won in 4 against Ross, just won in 5 against Dinesh, but came up against a very determined Chris Callan, who won a close set in 4 games. Team 5 won this match 6-3 with 2 wins from Ross and one for Dinesh, who lost against Ashok Shah. Angelica Landry is a lady whose game is in transition. I am sure with her determination to improve she will be getting wins in this company before long. This win pushed M6 into second spot in the league table.

Winchmore Hill 3 v Southgate Compton 1 (11 Nov): Ian Webb completed a maximum of wins for his team, but John Ginn’s win against Brian Price was their only other win, which allowed the home team of Brian Price, John Lynch and Colin Bateman to come back and gain an important 5-4 win for Winchmore Hill 3. Colin won two five game sets against John Ginn and John Jones, while John Lynch beat the two Johns in slightly easier fashion.

Division 4:
Bush Hill Park 1 are like a runaway train being 25 points clear of Ellenborough 8. Realistically, Ellenborough 8 and Tottenham 4 should be challenging for the runners up spot.

Bush Hill Park 1 v Ellenborough 8 (14 Oct): these two teams are currently at the top of the division, with BHP1 looking to be the likely winners. Steve May is having a good season – in this match he won all three of his sets. Against Sureyya Aydin he was taken to the 5th game before running out the winner by 11-9, 9-11, 5-11, 11-5, and 11-6. Ron Sear and Geoffrey Woodend both had wins against Cara Skinner. Ron Smith and Sureyya were successful in overcoming both Geoffrey and Ronald to make the final score 5-4 to BHP1.

SPS2 v SPS3 (14 Oct): Ashley Smokler was POM for winning all three for team 2. Ashley’s success is mainly due to his consistent defensive play. Stephen Lesley and David Cooper also contributed by winning a game each against Philip Bennett and Steven Helman to give Team 2 a 5-4 win. The only real chance Team 3 had of winning this match was in Anthony’s set against Ashley. The set stood at 2 each, Ashley had come back into the set to level after training 1-2. He then pressed home his momentum to take the last game 11-2. For team 3 Anthony Marsh won in four games against Stephen Lesley, but had to hold off a resurgent David Cooper who had come back from 2 down to level at 2-2 before Anthony regained his composure to win a close fought last game 11-9. Steven Helman won against Stephen Lesley and Philip Bennett won against David Cooper to give Team 3 something from the match.

Ellenborough 7 v Winchmore Hill 5 (17 Oct): despite Trevor Mansell gaining a maximum his team had to settle for a 5-4 defeat. Away team captain Dom Philp was involved in two difficult sets – he lost the first in 5 games to Trevor, but fought back from 2 down to win in 5 games against Thu Ha. Henry Rudd-Clarke helped his team by defeating Richard Barrett and Thu Ha. Joe Wilkinson also did well to win against Thu Ha, but lost to Richard Barrett.

Winchmore Hill 4 v Ellenborough 7 (22 Oct): the set that could have decided this match was between Martine Mayer and Ron Smith, who was playing up for the 7s. They are similar in style in they both like to hit the ball as opposed to getting into pushing rallies. It turned out to be a topsy-turvy type of set with Martine getting off to a great start winning the first game 15-13. Ron won the next two games before Martine came back to win the 4th game. However, Ron’s consistent play saw him through 11-7 in the 5th. Ron went on to gain a maximum to help the 7s to a 5-4 victory over WH4. It’s good to see Harold Webb playing well – he had wins over George Cameron and Thu Ha.

Tottenham 4 v Ellenborough 8 (7 Nov): this match was due to be played earlier in the season but was postponed. Mansoor Khan has only started playing in league table tennis this season and has already proved what a good player he is becoming. In this match he gained a maximum of wins, but met some stiff resistance from Ron Smith and Rosetta Delisle who both pushed their sets to the fifth game. Against Rosetta, Mansoor looked comfortable going 2 up until Rosetta upped her game to come back to level. Unfortunately for her Mansoor responded with some ferocious hitting to win the last game 11-6. However, Rosetta did win her other sets against Dennis Tossell, and Vas Arapoglou who was having his first experience of league table tennis. Vas won against Cara Skinner in 5 games. Dennis Tossell sealed the 5-4 win for Tottenham 4 with an important win over Ron and also against Cara.

Winchmore Hill 4 v Mayfield 7 (12 Nov):  A maximum from Martine Mayer saw WH4 to a close 5-4 victory over Mayfield 7. Giovanni Brumana defeated Eddie Griffith and Paul Arnold to seal the win. Dev Gupta was the most prominent player for Mayfield 7 with 2 wins over Harold Webb and Giovani.  Congratulations to Eddie Griffith, a new player for Mayfield 7 who had his first win of the season by beating Harold Webb in a closely fought set 12-10, 11-5, 8-11, 8-11 and 11-8.

Mayfield 7 v SPS 3 (21 Nov): unfortunately for SPS 3 they were a player short but still managed to get three points from this match. Steven Helman played well to beat Paul Arnold and Eddie Griffith, but was not able to do the same against Tony Watts who won a maximum in convincing fashion to give Mayfield 7 a 6-3 victory.

Tottenham 4 v Bush Hill Park 1 (28 Nov): In this match BHP1 proved their match play pedigree with a fine 6-3 win over close opponents Tottenham 4. The sets they dropped were to one player, Mansoor Khan, who was almost unplayable at times. The combo of Harris, May and Woodend each secured wins against Vas Arapoglou and Dennis Tossell.

SPS 2 v Mayfield 7 (25 Nov): Jackie Turner is another very good player in this division. She gained a maximum in this match, but her team lost 4-5 to Mayfield 7. David Cooper defeated Tony Watts in 4 games, leaving Ashley Smokler to win the other for victory. Ashley tried hard and almost got there against Tony Watts after being 2-1 up, he just lost the 4th 11-13 and then 8-11 in the fifth. John Forbes and Dev Gupta won 2 each for Mayfield 7 to give them a 5-4 victory.

Winchmore Hill 4 v Winchmore Hill 5 (26 Nov): usually teams from the same club who play each other go all out to see who are the top dogs. The result was close with team 4 winning 5-4. Martine Mayer is a very good match player who has lost only two of her sets so far this season and has an average of 86.67%. Martine won a maximum to set up her team’s victory. She was supported by Harold Webb who won against Dom Philp, and Giovanni Brumana who defeated Henry Rudd-Clarke. Joe Wilkinson won two for team 5 with wins over Giovanni and Harold. Dom defeated Giovani and Henry won against Harold after being two games down.



1st Match Fixtures - Week Commencing 04th November 2019

Heathcote 2 Ellenborough 8


Group 1

Mayfield 6 v Tottenham 1


Mayfield 3 v Winchmore Hill 3


Group 2



Tottenham 3 v Mayfield 4


Group 3

SPS 1 v Winchmore Hill 5 


Southgate Compton 1 v SPS 2


Group 4

Tottenham 2 v Mayfield 2




Group 5

Mayfield 5 v Bush Hill Park 1


Ellenborough 6 v Mayfield 7


Group 6

Winchmore Hill 2 v Heathcote 1  



2nd Match Fixtures - Week Commencing 02th December 2019

Heathcote 2 v Mayfield 6


Group 1

Ellenborough 8 v Tottenham 1


Mayfield 3 v Suburb 1


Group 2



Tottenham 3 v SPS 1


Group 3

Mayfield 4 v Winchmore Hill 5


Southgate Compton 1 v Tottenham 2


Group 4

SPS 2 v Mayfield 2


Ellenborough 5 v Mayfield 5 


Group 5



Ellenborough 6 v Winchmore Hill 2


Group 6

Mayfield 7 v Heathcote 1