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Resuming Play At Ellenborough

Dear Member

The club has now been closed for almost 3 months but we are now hoping that in a few weeks time we may be able to start re-opening the club.

This of course is dependent on getting the green light from the government for indoor sports to start up again. Even then there would be restrictions in place so the club would not be as it used to be. Social distancing would have to be observed which would mean that it would not be possible to play doubles and we will only be able to play off of 6 tables to ensure correct spacing. It would therefore only be possible to allow 12 members to play at any one time. An online booking system is to be put into place so that members will only turn up when they have a slot booked (help will be available for those unable to use this method). So that we can work out exactly what is required would you please let us know:

1.    Whether you are prepared to return to the club while there are still restrictions in place or will you not be using the club until all restrictions are lifted and we are back to normal?

2.    If you are coming back to the club with the necessary restrictions, can you please
indicate –
a)    Whether you would like to play in the morning, early afternoon, late afternoon or evening. This will be a great help in knowing where the demand is.
b)    Whether you would like to be included in a contact list to enable members to contact each other to arrange pairings and times for practice.  If so then would you like to share a phone number, an email address or both?  Under GDPR we can only include you in this shared list if you ask us to do so.

Please reply as soon as possible so that we can properly plan for the expected demand.

Thank you

Ellenborough TTC Coronavirus Sub-Committee

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