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Disibility Aware

The Club is aware we live in an ageing society and there is a strong correlation between age and disability. Therefore, it was important that we designed, manage and operate facilities in a manner which meets user expectations in the 21st century and allows the widest group of people to play an active part in the clubs activities as participants, spectators and members of staff.

When the present premises was built the club ensured the following :-

  • The route from the site entrance, car park, setting down point to the entrance and reception area.
  • The route from the Clubs entrance  the Clubs lounge for a sports chair.
  • The route from the lounge to the Clubs Table Tennis playing area.
  • We have ensured there are means of escape at the front and rear of the building with ramps.

In keeping with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), including extensions introduced by the Disability Discrimination (NI) Order 2006, Ellenborough Table Tennis Club has made its premises disabled friendly by meeting the minimum requirements of the DDA and Building Regulations:

  • Disabled entry
  • Disabled fire exit
  • Fully disabled toilets and showers
  • Disabled friendly playing area approved by Enfield Council
  • Parking at the front entrance

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