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You may be aware that with effect from 1st January 2019 I will be taking up the role of General Secretary of Ellenborough Table Tennis Club.

From 7th January 2019 the Committee have agreed that I can open up the Club early one morning a week to allow the over 50s to participate in single play table tennis.

The early mornings I proposed was from 8am to 10pm however the Committee agreed that a 9am start was more acceptable.

I am therefore opening up the Club from 7th January 2019 at 9am for single play games for a trial period of 3 months. This will occur every Monday morning in January, February and March, but will exclude any Monday Public Holidays.

If successful I am sure we can justify its continuation and possibly an extension of the arrangement.

Faster Participation for Any Player Arrangement.
I propose that we commence single play  using the best of 3 games (rather than 5 ) and Top Table movement rules, whereby any game winner (Ellenborough end)  moves to play on the next table on their right and any game winner at the Club Bar side moves to play on the next table on their left. The losing players from these games move in the opposite direction (Ellenborough end loser moves to play on the next table to their left, Club Bar end loser moves onto the next table on their right). A maximum warm up period of 5 minutes prior to the game commencing should maximise the time available.

If you feel you are a faster pace player then join the playing tables from coaching table end of the hall. If you feel you enjoy playing at a slower pace, then join the playing tables from the opposite end of the hall.

I look forward to your support and greater use of our Table Tennis Club.

Future Improvements
I would like to see, on request, the use of video smartphone recording while you play, in order to assist you in improving and developing your game play. I also hope to see the introduction of a robot practice table to develop return ball skills. I will be referring these matters to the Committee in due course. If you have any other improvement recommendations, please let me know.

Colin Miller.
Email – millec@mail.com
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