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Ellenborough Ladies 2018 Veterans
British League Report Weekend 1

Our veteran women’s team, captained by one of our junior club coaches Sandy Nash, were playing again in Derby at the superb Derby Arena over the weekend of 6th & 7th October 2018. Alongside Sandy in the team we recruited a strong new member to replace Sue (moved on), Tumay Ekrem, who many will know as she plays regularly for the club in both the Cheshunt and North Middlesex local leagues, and continuing from last season we’re fortunate to still have Carol Eckersley, June Nelson and Faith Frankel playing for the club.  With so many members keen to play, the club could consider entering a second team in the future. 

This was the first of two weekends playing in the very competitive Division 1 (middle division of 3) of the Women’s Veteran British League.  

On the Saturday we started with a very good 4-2 win against the Irish Colleens, with Sandy and Tumay winning all their matches. This was a reversal of our score against the same team last season so perhaps a little unexpected even though one change to our line up.  We followed this up with another 4-2 win against the strong Wheelers Fusion side. This time it was Carol to win both her marathon matches and Sandy and Tumay supporting with one each.

Perhaps the team needed a longer break before facing their final Saturday opponent as we lost 5-1 to the Five Counties side. The consolation win was Sandy beating their number one, after losing 12-10 in the 5th to their number two. Tumay also had one match go to 5 following a 2-1 lead, and June was unlucky not to nick the 4th to go to 5 against her opposite number.  The match score perhaps does not reflect how competitively this match was fought. Overall we were happy to have secured four valuable points out of a possible six on the first day of the competition. 

Sunday play starts a little earlier and perhaps the team could find a better way to prepare well for this as unfortunately the Bribar IPS Tigers beat Ellenborough 4-2, with the IPS new signing perhaps under ranked to be playing at number 3. Our number three, Faith, certainly had many more chances against their number two, taking the third end 11-7 and Carol beat their number one 3-0 but lost 3-0 to their number three.  Again, one or two missed opportunities for a draw, but overall a strong side so no disgrace. The final match against Northern Belles and we fielded our top three players all determined to secure another point or two to carry over to the next weekend. The end result of a 5-1 win to us does not reflect how close this match was. 

Great team and fighting spirit and lots of close, enjoyable games. Overall, the team managed to win a respectable 3 out of 5 matches and are currently sitting just behind the leaders in third place (on the same number of points as the 2nd and 4th placed teams) with all to play for when we meet up again in February.  Well done Sandy, Carol, Tumay, June and Faith. 

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L to R: Tumay, June, Sandy, Carol & Faith

Division 1 Table after Weekend 1

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