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Ellenborough Ladies 2019-20 Veterans
British League Report Weekend 2 - 22/23 Feb 2020

We had a team in Veteran Women’s division 1 and a new team this season in division 2. Each division consisted of 8 teams, who played each other once, 5 matches on the first weekend and the remaining two on the second weekend, after which, according to the league tables, each division was divided into top 4 and bottom 4, and in each mini division teams played each other once, thus completing the 5 matches for the second weekend. All scores were carried forward to the mini divisions but final positions for each mini division were then indepependent.  Teams finishing in the top two of the division are usually promoted, and the teams finishing in the bottom two of the division are usually relegated.

Veterans British League Women’s Division 1

Team Played W D L Points M Gm Pts
Ellenborough 10 6 3 1 15 36-24 131-91 2224-1949
Forresters Ladies 10 6 2 2 14 37-23 131-48 2197-2010
Ashford Ladies 10 3 5 2 11 32-28 115-105 1997-2005
Lyncrest 10 3 3 4 9 31-29 116-118 2122-2161
Fusion Ladies B 10 5 3 2 13 37-23 137-94 2278-2010
Irish Colleens 10 3 2 4 8 30-30 118-113 2119-2113
MK Ladies 10 0 8 2 8 25-35 101-130 2021-2144
Cippenham Ladies 10 0 2 8 2 12-48 59-160 1723-2245

Veterans British League Women’s Division 2

Team Played W D L Points M Gm Pts
Sutton at Hone 10 7 1 2 15 42-18 145-82 2188-1892
Northern Belles 10 6 3 1 15 42-18 140-82 2211-1892
HEL Ladies 10 5 4 1 14 9-9 139-84 2188-1848
Billswood 10 3 3 4 9 7-11 108-101 2012-2027
Ellenborough B 10 4 2 4 10 28-32 115-121 2152-2179
Carpe Diem 10 3 2 5 8 24-36 97-145 1945-2147
Kingfisher Ladies 10 2 2 6 6 20-40 94-144 2041-2354
Halton 10 0 3 7 3 14-46 71-60 1928-2326

Congratulations to both the Ellenborough and Ellenborough B ladies on a successful 2019/20 season. Thank you to all eight ladies and one supporter for representing Ellenborough Table Tennis Club and showing such great team spirit and support throughout. Summary match reports from the two team captains below.

Team: Xiaoman Ji, Tumay Ekrem, Sandy Nash (c), Rebecca Hurrell
We were sitting in third place at the start of the February (final) rounds of matches, but level on points with second and just a point behind the leaders. Still a lot of work to achieve our ambitious goal of promotion to the Premier Division and being scheduled to play two challenging matches before the division split we knew that we needed to perform well from the off to gain ground (and points!) on the division leaders. First priority was to finish in the top half.

Fortunately Xiaoman (known as Jane) continued her fantastic form from weekend one. Supported by determined team mates, we overcame the opposition of first Fusion Ladies B and then Lyncrest both with a 4-2 scoreline (Jane and Tumay winning all their matches) to head the division before the split. Another two wins secured our place as Division 1 Champions. First we had to play Lyncrest (yes consecutive head to heads) and won 4-2 again, and then we managed to beat the Ashford Ladies 5-1.

Therefore we were able to safely allow Jane to rest for the final match, knowing that we could play without any pressure. Jane finished her season on 18 wins out of 18 matches and impressed everyone who saw her play. Without doubt the best and closest match Jane played was in our first match against Fusion’s Michelle McGovern – scoreline 14-12, 11-8, 19-21, 8-11, 11-7!

Sadly, our final match against Forresters (who eventually finished just one point behind us in the final table) didn’t go our way despite several very close games and opportunities. They won 4-2. A positive was Tumay stepping in as number one to win her two (coming back from 2-0 down in one to finally win against Sarah Hilditch 13-11 in the 5th.) Sandy and Becky unlucky to see both their 5ths go against them. Even after the final results had been confirmed, we were in shock but thrilled to win the division on our third attempt. Third time lucky. We now look forward to the new challenges to face in the dizzy heights of the Premier division.    

Ellenborough B
Team: Lynne Trussell, June Nelson (c), Louise Johnston, Gill Toumbas
After the first weekend in September our team stood at fourth position out of 8 teams, with 7 points.  We then had the top 2 teams to play in February and the result would put us in the top or bottom half.

On Saturday our first game was against Sutton at Hone where Lynne ,Louise and Gill played a very strong side and we lost 5-1, Gill Toumbas winning the one against Sarah James. This team eventually went on to win the Division.

Our second game was against Northern Belles, another strong side and we lost 6-0. This team eventually went on to beat Sutton at Hone and came second in the Division on countback. 

This then put us into the bottom half so we had to play Carpe Diem, on Saturday and Kingfisher Ladies and Halton on the Sunday. We beat Carpe Diem 4-2, and on the Sunday we drew 3-3 against both Kingfisher Ladies and Halton.

This meant that we finished a very respectable mid table, (top of the bottom half), so securing our place to play in Division 2 again next season.

Full results for the two teams can be viewed by following the links below –

Ellenborough - https://tte.tournamentsoftware.com/…/270A3C4E-1A4F…/team/183
Ellenborough B - https://tte.tournamentsoftware.com/…/270A3C4E-1A4F…/team/193

First Team with Medals
Ellenborough - Tumay Ekrem, Sandy Nash, Xiaoman Ji, & Rebecca Hurrell

Xiaoman Ji (Jane) Rebecca Hurrell
Left - Xiaoman Ji    Photo by Melvyn Lovegrove, Right - Rebecca Hurrell

B Team
Ellenborough B - Gill Toumbas, Louise Johnston, June Nelson, Lynne Trussell

Gill ToumbasLouise Johnston
Left - Gill Toumbas, Photo by Melvyn Lovegrove & Right Louise Johnston, Photo by Mike Rhodes

Team talk during Dinner
Team Preparation, with cheerleader and coach Beryl Trussell.

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